S I B E R I A N   S Y M P H O N Y   O R C H E S T R A       O m s k   P h i l h a r m o n i c s


Siberian Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is one of the largest orchestras of Russia. It was created in 1966 by the initiative of the famous conductor Simon Cogan, which remained at the head of orchestra for more than ten years. From the beginning the foundation of the orchestra was filled with talented graduates of Leningrad, Novosibirsk, and Ural Conservatories, each with well earned reputations for producing dynamic and highly professional musicians.


For many years the Siberian Symphony Orchestra toured the cities of the former Soviet Union, giving concerts in Moscow and Leningrad; Krasnoyarsk and Chita; Volga cities; Riga; Kiev; Minsk; and Alma-Ata.


Since 1975 the team has participated in festivals, organized by the Union of Composers of the USSR, performing the native contemporary music. The SSO was a member of sessions and creative meetings with the most prominent contemporary composers: A. Khachaturian, T. Khrennikov, R. Shchedrin, M. Kazhlaev, M. Tariverdiev, O. Feltsman, A. Petrov.


 In 1978, the Siberian Symphony Orchestra was headed by conductor Viktor Tietz.  Under his leadership the orchestra reached artistic maturity and developed a wide repertoire. In 1984 the symphony musicians confirmed their status and professionalism, when the orchestra won the first prize at the All-Russian contest of symphony orchestras. Working with such distinguished conductors as: L. Ginsburg, A. Stasevich, N. Rachlin, K. Eliasberg, M. Paverman, A. Katz, Y. Temirkanov, V. Dudarova, T. Mynbayev, A. Khachaturian, F. Mansurov, D. Liss, the orchestra became a genuine school for performing arts.  In addition, the Siberian Symphony Orchestra has performed with Ya. Zak, D. Khvorostovsky, M. Pletnev , E. Virsaladze, G. Sokolov, L. Berman, D. Bashkirov, M. Rostropovich, D. Shaffran, V. Pikayzen, V. Tretyakov, N. Gutman, L. Isakadze, D. Mazuev, S. Sedzi, P. Amoyal, A. Vedernikov, E. Gvazava, Kh. Gerzmava, A. Shilkloper, P. Donohoe; and other outstanding musicians.


From 1992 to 2004 the orchestra was under the guidance of the Honored Artist of Russia Evgeny Shestakov. Since 1994 the Siberian Symphony Orchestra has regularly traveled abroad on tour.  In 1996 the orchestra was awarded the honorary title of “Academic”.

The last decade has been a period of growth and flowering of the SSO.  A huge repertoire was formed; together with the symphonic classics that includes works by composers of the 21st century. The composition of the orchestra is in line with European standards: boasting more than 100 performers that are experienced, highly professional musicians, who successfully embody diverse and creative ideas. The Siberian Symphony Orchestra has a large number of stock records which include: CDs of SSO that have been released by Danacord Record, and Universal and Handel Classic Audio.  During this time, the team has toured in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, USA, and Ukraine.

Since 2005, a principal conductor of the orchestra is Dmitry Vasiliev.  With his efforts the repertoire of SSO has become much wider. Now it includes not only classics but also contemporary music, jazz, rock, compositions of musicals, soundtracks to movies, and so on. The symphony orchestra participates in principally new projects, such as: “The United orchestra of the Moscow and Omsk philharmonics” (2008), “Festival of New Music” (2008, 2010,2012), “Jam-session”, “Symphonic Cinema”, “Ringtone Party”, competitions for young musicians “Soloist of the Orchestra”, the World and European ballroom dancers championships, and many others.



World premieres with Siberian Symphony Orchestra include the following:

M. Weinberg  Symphony No.21 “Kadish” (recorded on CD, 2013). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

P. Spratley  Sinfonia Pascale, Cargoes, Helpston Fantasia (recorded on CD, 2013). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

J.  Kozulin   Symphony in Rock style No.6 (2012). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

A.  Karamanov  Symphony  No.21 (2012). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

A.  Karamanov  Symphony  No.22 (2011). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

T. Shahidi Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (2010). Soloist is Igor Fedorov (clarinet, Moscow), conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

A. Klotsek "Pinenatik" (2010). Conductor is Adam Klotsek.

I. Kheifets Symphony number 2 "Dedication to Omsk" (2010). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

M. Bronner "Transformations of the soul" for Viola and Orchestra (2009). Soloist Mikhail Bereznetsky (viola, Moscow), conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

E. Podgaits “Postfestum” for Cello and Orchestra (2009). Soloist Alexander Boozlov (cello, Moscow), conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

E. Podgaits Concerto for Viola with orchestra (2008). Soloist Mikheil Bereznetsky (viola, Moscow), conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

I. Kheifets "Litany" for string orchestra (2005). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

I. Kheifets Symphony number 1 "Jaffa"(2005). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.


Russian premiere with Siberian Symphony Orchestra:

A. Beall  Concerto for marimba and orchestra (2013, recorded on CD). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

A. Beall  Affirmation for percussions and orchestra (2012, recorded on CD 2013). Soloist Andrew Beall (percussions, USA), conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

J. Adams  Lollapoluza (2012). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

K. Jenkins  The Armed Man (2010).  Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.

A. Tchaikovsky Capriccio for Orchestra "Aromas and sounds of Gran Canarian" (2007). Conductor is Dmitry Vasiliev.


In 2009 the orchestra took part in the 4th Festival of the world symphony orchestras that was held in Moscow at the Hall of Columns. And in April 2010 the SSO became a member of the Symphony Orchestras of Russia forum in Yekaterinburg.

The Siberian Symphony Orchestra is an outstanding team of professional musicians with the serious traditions of classic performing arts while actively mastering today’s modern forms of musical composition at the same time.


The composition of the orchestra:

first violin - 17

second violin - 14

viola - 12

cello - 12

bass - 8

flute - 5

oboe - 5

clarinet - 5

bassoon - 4

horn - 6

trumpet -5

trombone - 4

tuba - 1

percussion - 6

harp - 2

piano, harpsichord, celesta - 1

Total: 106 persons.



Reviews about Siberian Symphony Orchestra:


Norman Lebrecht, Sinfini Music:

New CD from SSO - Album of the Week 23 June

Norman Lebrecht is excited by a new recording of Mieczylaw Weinberg from the Siberian Symphony Orchestra, including the irresistible Polish Tunes.

The Siberian Symphony Orchestra, conductor Dmitry Vasilyev, play as if their lives depend on it and the sound in the Omsk Philharmonic Hall is immaculate.



Michael Cookson, MusucWeb:

Recording of the month

This was my first experience of hearing the Siberian Symphony Orchestra (Omsk Philharmonic) who under the reliable baton of principal conductor Dmitry Vasilyev excel in this wonderful and inexplicably neglected music. The Symphony makes compelling listening with Vasilyev’s unfailing instinct producing assured orchestral playing of striking directness.



Andrew McGregor and Stephen Johnson, Radio BBC:

Thats Weinberg's symphony #21 "caddish" and the performance of Siberian Symphony orchestra, known as the Omsk Philharmonic, conducted by Dmitry Vasiliev. […] I know I want to hear the rest of it after that opening. [...] Pretty creditable all round, the performance and the recording is very well indeed! 



Boris Berezovsky:

I confess that wonderful freedom which was achieved in the performance of the Rachmaninov’s Concert № 3 and Tchaikovsky's Concert № 1 in Omsk, has impressed me! I’d like to note a high professionalism and excellent ensemble qualities of the orchestra. I can say without any exaggeration that these concerts have been among the best in recent years.



Natalia Gutman:

I am delighted to work with your team! Those were true holidays for me, thanks to an amazing musical and human sensibility of your musicians.



Denis Matsuev:

"That's impossible!" - I said to the conductor when we have played at the rehearsal for the first time it was much better than many other orchestras would do during a live concert. I’ve discovered a professionally sounding band in Omsk! I’m always ready and will come here with a great desire again to perform with the excellent orchestra.”



Viktor Tretyakov:

I played the Brahms’ Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in different countries, together with the best conductors and orchestras, many times. The style of Brahms is indeed the touchstone of all! I don’t want to talk about such categories as rhythm, style, intonation, sound balance, because the orchestra has it all. The most striking thing is that life in Russia is very difficult, therefore I wonder why the conductor of the orchestra and every one of its musicians work with such inspiration and emotions during the rehearsals and they are entirely involved in the process at the concert. This happens in contrast to many famous orchestras, which "work" concert on a stage for the huge money. I will have great pleasure and joy to come back to Omsk again.



Eliso Virsaladze:

In 2008, in Italy I performed with the Siberian Symphoniy Orchestra for the first time. The collaboration was very successful, and after that we decided to prolong it with our performance in Omsk. The orchestra is in very good form, and it has a great conductor, Dmitry Vasiliev.


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